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Product Description

The FT Firetube Boilers are our economical direct fired, two pass dry back boilers.  The burner's flame travels down the firetube and enters the inversion chamber.  The exhaust gases then travel from the inversion chamber through the combustion tubes and exit the boiler through the exhaust stack.  The dry back design refers to the use of refractory at the back of the boiler in the inversion chamber.    

The FT Firetube Boilers are specifically designed to minimize the thermal stress on the boiler not only at high pressures, but at low pressures as well.  Cutting-edge technologies are used to construct the fire tube boilers that help reduce the thermal stresses that occur when operating the boiler.  In addition, the firetube boilers are designed with a large thermal inertia, allowing for fluctuations in steam demand and are ideal for continuous 24/7/365 applications.

The FT has the opportunity to be supplied with a variety of forced draft burners provided by some of the world’s leading burner manufactures.  This allows us to utilize a variety of fuels, meet stringent emissions requirements, and even allow our customers the opportunity to select the burner of their choice.

The FT-PA is our high efficiency option of the FT Firetube Boiler.  The FT-PA is constructed in a horizontal orientation and is supplied with a combustion air preheater at the burner side of the heater.

The FT-ECO is our feedwater preheater option of the FT Firetube Boiler.  The feedwater preheater utilizes an economizer to preheat the water entering the steam generator.  This enables the customer to obtain optimum performance of the generator by supplying the necessary feedwater temperatures to the Firetube Boiler.

The BONO FT, FT-PA, and FT-ECO Firetube Boilers are fabricated by our partner in Italy, BONO Energia, and are available designed/constructed to various local code requirements around the world.  The most common codes are ASME with National Board registration for the United States, CRN for Canada, and CE/PED/TUV/DIN for Europe.  Additional code requirements may be met if necessary.

Package and containerized systems are available for both the FT, FT-PA, and FT-ECO Firetube Boilers. These package systems can be customized to meet each of our customers’ needs, including but not limited to: control panel, feedwater pumps, feedwater tanks, deaerator, water treatment, and ancillary components. These auxiliary components are typically fabricated in the USA for USA/Canada installations.  

Firetube Boilers In General

Firetube boilers are a form of large water content boilers used to provide customers with steam as a heat transfer media.  Typically, the quality of steam provided by these units are is much higher than forced circulation steam generators.  The higher quality of steam mitigates the use of steam separators or steam accumulators.

Product Specifications

Capacity Range:

  • 70 to 425 BHP(69 to 4146kW)

Steam Production:

  • 1,100 to 13,200 lb/hr (500 to 6,000 kg/hr)

Operating Pressures:

  • 130-160 psi (9-11 bar)

Fuel Option:

  • Natural Gas
  • #2 Fuel Oil/Diesel
  • Light Fuel Oils
  • LPG
  • Dual Fuel
  • Additional Fuel Options Available


  • Horizontal

Two Pass, Dry Back Design

Thermal Efficiency

  • Up to 93%

Combustion Air Preheater Optional

  • Model FT-PA

Economizer Optional

  • Model FT-ECO

Model Overview

Summary by model
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Model Thermal Capacity
Thermal Capacity
Thermal Capacity
Flow Rate
Model Steam Production
Steam Production
Steam Production
(From and at 212°F)
BHP Thermal Capacity
UM 30 300 661 735 21 206
UM 50 500 1,102 1,224 36 353
UM 100 1,000 2,205 2,449 71 697
UM 150 1,500 3,307 3,673 106 1,040
UM 200 2,000 4,409 4,898 142 1,393
UM 300 3,000 6,614 7,347 213 2,090
UM 400 4,000 8,818 9,796 273 2,678
Model Steam Capacity
Steam Capacity
BHP Thermal Capacity
HP 50 500 1,102 32 314
HP 100 1,000 2,205 64 628
HP 150 1,500 3,307 96 942
HP 200 2,000 4,409 128 1,256
HP 300 3,000 6,614 192 1,884
HP 400 4,000 8,818 256 2,512
Model Steam Production
Steam Production
Steam Production
(From and at 212°F)
BHP Thermal Capacity
FT 100 1,000 2,205 2,449 71 697
FT 150 1,500 3,307 3,673 106 1,040
FT 200 2,000 4,409 4,898 142 1,393
FT 300 3,000 6,614 7,347 213 2,090
FT 400 4,000 8,818 9,796 273 2,678
FT 500 5,000 11,023 12,244 346 3,394
FT 600 6,000 13,228 14,693 409 4,013
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