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Annual Service - Heaters & Boilers

Properly maintaining process heating equipment makes all the difference in prolonging the life of the equipment.

The simplest and most cost effective way to maintain equipment is to schedule annual maintenance checkups. These inspections should be tailored to the customers needs and minimize downtime.

Performance Heating has developed a set of completely customized service packages to meet each of its customers individual needs. Contact our service department to generate your customized service package.

Most Common Services Include:

  • Visual inspection of system components
  • Data logging of system settings and parts
  • Component safety checks verified for functionality
  • Inspection of electrical cabinets (make note of any concerns)
  • Review of burner assembly, combustion chamber, and operating history
  • Recording of BMS & controller parameters
  • Inspection of electrical motors
  • System operations logged and compared to PID loop controls
  • Inspection of pump and motor
  • Spare parts list generated
  • Recommendations for preventative maintenance
  • Thermal imaging of equipment

Annual Service - Heaters & Boilers