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Thermal Fluid Heaters - Multi-Tubular Standard

Product Code: OMP

Product Specifications

Multi-Tubular Design

Integrated Combustion Air Preheater

Thermal Capacity:

  • 6,000,000 to 60,000,000 Btu/Hr (1,500,000 to 15,000,000 kCal/Hr)

Operating Temperature:

  • Standard - Up to 650°F
  • Custom -Up to 750°F

Fuel Option:

  • Natural Gas
  • Propane Gas
  • #2 Fuel Oil/Diesel
  • Heavy Oils
  • Crude Oil
  • Biogas
  • Product Gas
  • Dual Fuel
  • Additional Fuel Options Available


  • Horizontal

Thermal Efficiency:

  • Up to 93% 

Thermal Fluid Heaters - Multi-Tubular Standard

Product Description

The OMP Thermal Fluid Heaters are our high capacity direct fired thermal fluid heaters. A direct fired thermal fluid heater imparts its thermal energy directly into the process fluid, in this case thermal oil. The OMP utilizes a multi-tubular design composed of two distinct sections of heat transfer. The combustion chamber, which is referred to as the radiant section, is fully encapsulated by parallel piped tubes running tangentially with the burner flame. This chamber is place atop the convection section, where the exhaust gases pass through the convective section, continuing the heat transfer process.

The OMP has also been designed to be supplied with a variety of forced draft burners, provided by some of the world’s leading burner manufactures. This allows us to utilize a variety of fuels, meet stringent emissions requirements and even allow our customers the opportunity to select the burner of their choice. In addition, the OMP is constructed with several inspection doors to allow easy access to both the radiant and convective sections of the thermal fluid heater. This allows for a more thorough inspection and cleaning of the heater and internal pipes. If the combustion fuel is prone to ash or unburnt particle generation a blower can be placed in the inspection doors to potentially help lessen the cleaning process.

The OMP Thermal Fluid Heaters come standard with an integrated combustion air preheater. The configuration of the combustion air preheater eliminates the requirement for ducting between the two components, insulation for the preheater, and additional expenses for the installation of the combustion air preheater. The simple addition of the combustion air preheater increase the efficiency of the heaters to upwards of 93%.

The OMP Thermal Fluid Heaters are fabricated by our partner in Italy, BONO Energia to our exacting requirements. Performance Heating then trims the heaters out and completes the system with the required burner, controls, pumps skids, tanks and auxillary equipment. The heaters are available designed/constructed to various local code requirements around the world. The most common codes are ASME with National Board registration for the United States, CRN for Canada, and CE/PED/TUV/DIN for Europe. Additional code requirements may be met if necessary.

Auxillary components are available for the OMP Thermal Fluid Heaters. These components can be customized to meet each of our customers’ needs, including but not limited to: control panels, pump skids, expansion tank, drain tank, tank towers, ladders and platforms, and ancillary components.



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